Parking Lot Security Of Apartments

Security of apartments has become a serious issue in recent past. Increasing crime rates has raised problems for the apartment authorities, due to which they have been compelled to raise the standard of security measures inside the apartments. The reason, why I have used the word “compelled” here is because the cost of security budget increases as we increase the level of security measures. Therefore, no one wants to add on that extra baggage to the budget. Cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles etc occupy most of the space in the parking area. Earlier, the parking lots inside the apartment compounds weren’t manned but with increasing concern it’s usually manned or automated through some means. Various security methodologies can be drawn in to reduce the chances of theft in the apartment area, some of which include manned gate, sensors, alarms, burglar alarms, cameras, reflectors, security gates, infrared radiations and lasers etc. Countries like America and United Arab Emirates have already made it mandatory to include some mandatory measures in apartments to legalize them. Reflectors are usually used by security personnel to check about bombs and timers beneath the vehicles, usually four wheeler vehicles in which a reflective mirror is attached to a stick at some angle at the bottom of it to get a clear gaze about the bottom of vehicle.

Various controllers like PIC 16f73 or Operational amplifiers are used to build up circuital analysis about the security driven layouts which can help in making circuits more applicative and simple. In defense, countries like India and Russia use simple basic circuits based on operational amplifiers to develop electrical circuits which can easily be repaired if they stop working. For the same logic, one should try to use op amps more n the circuits. Laser beams and infrared radiations aren’t movie insights only but they can be used in real life applications as well which can help in saving vehicles from thefts. Thieves are as much aware of technological trends as much we are. Therefore, it becomes more important to have a good understanding of the changing technological trends keep updating the security measures from time to time. Moreover, you never know; the thief can be a person from inside the apartment only. So, it becomes mandatory to keep a record of all the vehicles coming in and out of parking lot all day.

The nashville apartments cite a great example of apartment security as they possess some high level of concern for the security measures. These days, a central control room is setup inside the apartment compound in which a security guard keeps a check on what’s happening inside the parking lot. Alarms can also be put in the lots impounded with sensors that can sense the movement of physical parts thereby sensing the movement of burglars. Various systems can be developed which can act as an intelligent security system.

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